UAE schools could lose teachers to other countries: Experts

Schools in the UAE need to reward their teachers better or risk losing them to other countries.

That’s according to the UAE Learning Network, which has released a survey showing the majority of teachers are actively looking for other positions.

The study, in conjunction with schools guide, found 73% of teachers would consider moving jobs immediately with many citing their salaries as a reason. According to the survey, 44% wanted better allowances including improved housing and better career development.

Shaun Robison is the co-founder of the Learning Network. He says teachers could be drawn to popular teaching destinations such as Australia, the UK, Qatar and Hong Kong, but that the problem can be easily fixed.

The survey also revealed that only 8% of teachers had a pay-rise above inflation last year and 44% wanted better allowances.

ARN News spoke with a teacher recently about her concerns.

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