This guy is a genius and could save you from burning your feet this summer!

We need these in our lives right now…just take the money, we don’t care how much it costs…we want them all!

These girls nail every summer song in 4 minutes.

This is the first time this little fella has ever felt AC in the car. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Pricey has almost finished the entire FRIENDS series in 21 days! She got Joey in the quiz!

With the summer festival season already in full swing across Europe and North America, the news is ripe with artists and bands doing surprising guest appearances on other people live sets.

Ros from What’s On is talking about this week’s new releases on Friday morning from 11am. Watch the trailers NOW.

Here’s your 2015 Essential Summer Reading List as recommended by you.

We need this movie to be released now…

A slip-and-slide off a 50 foot cliff!

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