From blood splattered zombies to spooky clowns even dressed up pets – Dubai has it all this Halloween.

Pricey’s awkward Brian McFadden photo, we chat with Kayla Itsines PLUS we preview Taylor Swift’s new song!

Girls, get inspired!

What would you easily win the award for, paddle boarding disasters plus Scandal and sauce stories.

Pricey conducts a real life chain email scam – with humans, women only parking spaces and Producer Laila chats with Toni Braxton!

Harry does something weird outdoors with his girlfriend, we play “Is It Relatable?”, plus meteor chat, scandal and shower thoughts.

Keeping Up With the Librarians 😂😂📚👊

OMG. We CANNOT wait.

What’s the world’s greatest villain like in real life?

LOVE her!

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