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Some are cool, some are weird! Coming soon…

So Catboy has never cried at a tweet. But he did cry watching this.

It’s making us very confused.

Whether we’re in the Dubai 92 studio or out and about across the UAE, this is the page to follow all the goings-on of 92 Breakfast with Catboy & Aylissa.

Catboy & Aylissa spent the morning with Dubai 92 listeners where they enjoyed a delicious breakfast and explored Legoland!

Here is the video from Aylissa’s school performance…have a look at this!

Aylissa and Gordon Ramsay talk food.

Harrison Ford pulls off the best Skype banter ever! He calls some hardcore Star Wars fans who’ve donated to charity.

Only one day to go until Desert Warrior Challenge! Aylissa went down to try a few of the obstacles….

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