You might think they’re over-the-hill but when that anthem from the 90s comes on… Dads CHAIR DANCE!

Try and watch this without singing along!!

This has left us feeling SO nostalgic for the 90s!!

Snap! are in town to perform at Billionaire Mansion this weekend. They were in studio chatting to Rich ahead of the gig…

Steps return for their 20 year reunion!

James thinks the 90s was a better era of music, Shawn reckons music is better now! You be the judge.

James Corden helps Alanis Morissette sing a more modern version of her bit 90s hit.

If you’re a movie buff then you will love this.

This is the first video of The Backstreet Boys – prepare to wince.

The MACARENA! Who remembers the MACARENA!!??

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