Space Skyscraper For Dubai

Plans to suspend the “world’s tallest” skyscraper from an asteroid orbiting Earth have been unveiled by an architecture firm.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 14.08.17

Analemma Tower would be hung using reinforced cables from a comet 31,068 miles above the planet’s surface, with the orbital path taking the building in a figure of eight pattern over various cities, including New York and Havana.

The outlandish design has been created by Clouds Architecture Office, the same company behind proposals for a house on Mars and a cloud city.

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Building from the sky down will “overturn the established skyscraper typography,” the firm says. “Through the course of history humanity has been able to affect the environment on increasing scales.”

The proposals suggest building it in Dubai, due to its proven ability to construct skyscrapers at a fraction of the cost of the US.

The Analemma Tower would be set up in sections, with the point closest to Earth being dedicated to entertainment, shopping and dining. Above that would be office space, while the middle compartments would be used for gardens and residential spaces.

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