Sia has been around for a very long time and has been through many career phases: by the time her single Chandelier became a huge hit that made her an international superstar, she had already been the frontwoman of Zero 7, the vocalist for Australian ’90s jazz-fusion band Crisp and a relatively popular solo artist, whose 2006 song Breathe Me, was featured in the finale of the HBO drama Six Feet Under. If you haven’t seen that show and that finale you really should watch it. It was one of the best TV show finales of all time.

She has also spent a few years writing hit after hit for other artists like Rihanna (Diamonds), Katy Perry and many more.

So the story behind this week’s album of the week, This Is Acting, is that almost every song on the album was written by Sia but rejected by another artist, from Rihanna to Adele to Beyonce. This collection of songs will make you question their judgment somewhat.

Most songwriters would probably choose not to showcase the fact that they have an album full of songs that other artists passed up, however This Is Acting doesn’t sound like a collection of leftover tracks, demos or B-sides. It’s a complete piece of work and a good one at that.

So this week we explore her latest offering, as album of the week.

Over the years Sia has been through some tough times, which led her to hide out from the public and fueled her decision to save her best stuff for other artists. A few years ago she returned to the limelight somewhat and subsequently decided to opt out of the pop spotlight — turning her back to live audiences while performing live, refusing to pose for any publicity pics and finding artful ways to hide her face at awards shows. In a recent interview she said that she has chosen to do this, to preserve her newfound peace of mind.


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