Last week Rihanna finally released her 8th album Anti, after several fake release dates and false starts.

It has been a long time coming and I have to say, that all in, it was worth the wait.

Anti is unlike Rihanna’s previous albums. It’s a lot more introspective, moody, intimate and less about making big radio friendly singles.

Her raspy voice is just as mesmerizing on this album and she shows off her vocal abilities by exploring different styles, from dancehall to vintage soul to electro-bluesy funk, with even a Sam Cooke-styled ballad thrown in there too, which is great.

She even spins her own version of a Tame Impala track called Same Ol’ Mistakes.

This album feels more artsy and daring and after listening to it a bunch of times, I have to say that I like it a lot.

You almost don’t realize how good it is when you first put it on, or fully grasp the vibe of the album, that’s how layered and intricate it is.

So repeat listens are highly recommended and any preconceptions are best left ignored.

Standout tracks are: Kiss It Better, Desperado, Love On The Brain, Same Ol’ Mistakes and Never Ending.


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