Dubai 92’s Ramadan Plan brought to you by

While the UAE observes the holy month of Ramadan, Dubai 92 together with brings you the Ramadan Plan. This will include helpful tips as well as information on Suhoor and Iftar timings. Please see below for further details.

Ramadan Tips

  • Travel earlier or later if you can in the time leading up to sunset as more people will be traveling to an Iftar. Car pool where possible!
  • Avoid playing loud music in public and be mindful of disturbing others.
  • Note that some timings may change for services such as the metro and bus so please ensure you plan ahead for any journeys.
  • Be mindful of changing Iftar times each day thus breaking your fast will be different each day. Please see our calendar of timings for breaking your fast.
  • Be respectful during the month of Ramadan and ensure you dress appropriately. Men and women should wear clothes that cover their shoulders and knees.


Date Day Suhoor Iftar
17th May Thursday 03:58 AM 07:00 PM
18th May Friday 03:57 AM 07:01 PM
19th May Saturday 03:56 AM 07:02 PM
20th May Sunday 03:56 AM 07:02 PM
21st May Monday 03:55 AM 07:03 PM
22nd May Tuesday 03:55 AM 07:03 PM
23rd May Wednesday 03:54 AM 07:04 PM
24th May Thursday 03:53 AM 07:04 PM
25th May Friday 03:53 AM 07:05 PM
26th May Saturday 03:52 AM 07:05 PM
27th May Sunday 03:52 AM 07:06 PM
28th May Monday 03:52 AM 07:06 PM
29th May Tuesday 03:51 AM 07:07 PM
30th May Wednesday 03:51 AM 07:07 PM
31st May Thursday 03:50 AM 07:07 PM
1st June Friday 03:50 AM 07:08 PM
2nd June Saturday 03:50 AM 07:08 PM
3rd June Sunday 03:50 AM 07:09 PM
4th June Monday 03:49 AM 07:09 PM
5th June Tuesday 03:49 AM 07:10 PM
6th June Wednesday 03:49 AM 07:10 PM
7th June Thursday 03:49 AM 07:11 PM
8th June Friday 03:49 AM 07:11 PM
9th June Saturday 03:49 AM 07:11 PM
10th June Sunday 03:48 AM 07:12 PM
11th June Monday 03:48 AM 07:12 PM
12th June Tuesday 03:48 AM 07:12 PM
13th June Wednesday 03:48 AM 07:13 PM
14th June Thursday 03:48 AM 07:13 PM
15th June Friday 03:48 AM 07:13 PM



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