Friday, June 23, 2017




Betawi is a cute, little Indonesian restaurant located in both Karama and now in JLT (cluster D).


I’ve heard people waxing lyrical about the one in Karama for quite some time now but never got around to going to it. However, when I found out that they had opened a branch in JLT I made quick work of getting there to check it out and I’m so glad I did.

A group of us went there with the mission of trying out a bunch of things on their menu.

My favourite thing by far was this bowl of pure happiness:


It’s called Soto Ayam (clear soup with chicken, bean sprouts, cabbage, boiled egg and rice noodles). In short it’s the epitome of comfort. Squeeze some lime on it and add some rice (it comes with rice) if you want to make it a little heartier.


The Soto Ayam was the star of the meal for me, so much so that my friend had ordered it and upon trying hers, I had food envy and ordered a bowl for myself too.

Two of the people that I went with have lived in Indonesia and said that the food was very authentic and reminded them of their time there. I have never been to Indonesia but I sure do like their food. Betawi makes great food, however I do wish they had regular soy sauce too. They only seemed to have the sweet kind, so if you’re planning to go, perhaps bring some of the regular kind with you.

We tried the Bakso, which could have done with some of that regular soy sauce (perhaps this is just my own personal preference):


The Nasi goreng (good).


The Gado Gado (mixed steamed veg with tofu and peanut sauce, also good).


The Mi Goreng (good).


The Sate Ayam (great).


And we finished it off with Es Cendol for dessert, which is a milk drink with mixed panda leaf, tapioca and brown sugar (a different kind of dessert that I kept eating/drinking. Very good):


So if you’re craving some Indonesian food in the New Dubai area of town (or in Karama), then check out Betawi and definitely order the Soto Ayam.