Friday, June 23, 2017


Bistro Des Arts


I stumbled upon this tucked away little gem, while taking a stroll in Dubai Marina last weekend and I can’t even quantify how much I love it.


Nestled next to the Dubai Marina Mall and somewhat attached to the Address Hotel (and I love that you can get to it without having to walk through a hotel or mall), this French bistro teleports you to the South of France with the simplest of details that make all the difference: they play Azure radio, the typical French styled napkins at the table, they serve Badoit sparkling water and have a menu of treats that instantly make you feel like you’re on holiday. The added bonus is that it’s licensed.


A quick look at the menu had me clapping with joy in anticipation of tasting the things that I love from home. Home being Cannes, which is where my grandmother was from and where I have spent most of my vacations, every year of my life.



They have pissaladiere on the menu, which is a caramelized onion tart (pizza like) that is typical of the south of France and is easily one of my favourite things in the world. Bistro Des Arts make a very good rendition of this:


The escargots were another favourite (make sure to soak up the yummy sauce with some of their bread after you’ve eaten the escargots):


The truffle brie also gets a firm thumbs up:


The pan fried (which seemed more like grilled) calamari with parsley and garlic were delicious:


And the Duck confit was very good too:


There were a lot of other things on the menu that I would’ve tried had I had the room for it but I opted to try those on my soon to be next visit and made room for dessert instead and oh my days was it good. One of the best Crepes Suzette I’ve ever had:


So if you fancy a lovely, affordable, French meal, down by the water of Dubai Marina, where you can watch the world go by quite happily, then check this new kid on the block out. They’ve only been open for three months and I hope they stick around a long, long time.