Nathalie Shariat


Five things you didn’t know about Nathalie…

1. My older brother called me Geronimo instead of Nathalie until I was three years old. He was obsessed with Westerns and desperately wanted a little brother that he could call Geronimo. He ended up with a little sister instead, so to appease his disappointment he called me Geronimo anyway, until my mother abruptly made him stop. He’s had three kids, five dogs, a parrot and two horses since then and didn’t call any of them Geronimo. My Dad now has a parrot called Geronimo. N’uff said.

2. Whenever I get angry I get a form of Italian turrets. Not on purpose, it just happens. My brain just switches to Italian while swearing. Road rage is a lot of fun in my car.

3. My loved ones call me Monkey. I’ve always been Monkey Nat, Monkey Shariat or just Monkey to them. This is clearly after my Geronimo phase. My email address used to be but that’s a story for another time.

4. I’m ridiculously claustrophobic and scared of heights, but I’m not scared of flying, and skydiving was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Twice.

5. My sworn enemy is the mosquito. I hate mosquitoes with as much passion as I love food. I really love food. I live to eat. I really hate mosquitoes.


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