Your birth month reveals what type of mum you are!

Dubai 92 specialist scientists (with no qualifications whatsoever), Harry and Pricey, have calculated that depending on the month you were born, shows what type of mother you are. From January to December they’ve worked out all 12 out. So, mums let us know if we’re right, and not-mums find yours below!  

January: Hot-mess mum

You like people to think you’re mum of the year, but appearances can be deceptive, inside you (and we) know the truth!

February: Helicopter mum

You always stay close to your kiddiewinks, you’re on-hand to swoopintoo the rescue whenever you are required, but a little bit of distance could help, right?

March: Fad mum

Whether it’s the latest book or a new disciplinary tactic, you’re on-point and up-to-date with the latest parenting trend.

April: Rad mum

You think you’re cool, but just ask your kids, you are waaaaay off!

May: Dad mum

You do everything!

June: Crafty mum

You are the envy of all your kids’ parents, birthday parties are always the best when you’re involved – even if your spreadsheets are a bit too much.

July: Got it going mum

You look good, you feel good, you mum good.

August: Scary mum

All your friend’s kids know, you are not the mum to be crossed, if they step out of line, it gets ugly. 

September: Fairy mum

Everything is great around you, everything’s done and taken care of, on time and on budget. 

October: Stage mum

You know who you are, and you want everyone to know who your kids are.

November: Fun mum

You’re on point, whether it’s days out, party-games or bake sales – all the other mums want you to be involved.

December: Yes mum

Your kids come to you to ask permission… before they ask dad. 

Whichever mum you are, we love you, don’t go changing.

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