Monday, March 27, 2017



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Young Girl Uses Bionic Hand For First Time

Tilly is doing a great job. This technology is being shown in Dubai this week.

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Harry & Pricey Celebrate Mariah Carey Coming To Dubai!!!

We're getting excited for the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival!

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Donald Trump Sings Ed Sheeran. We Love It!

They should've done a double-header at the Grammys!

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Our Little Weather Girl Is Writing Her Valentine’s Day Card(s)

As heard regularly on the show, Catboy's 4 year old daughter, Betsy Pearl, is wallflower.

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Emirates Airline Decorate A Big Plane For Valentine’s Day!

Check out the time-lapse! Love is in the air!

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OMG We Can’t Believe Adele Did This At The Grammys!

Adele gave her 'Album of the Year' award to another finalist...

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Here’s A Sneak Peak Of Lady Gaga’s Grammy Performance With Metallica!

Are you ready for MetalliGA?!

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Burger King Introduces A Great Valentine’s Idea!

They should have this all year round!

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Hear The First Snippet Of Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’

She's back Katy Kats!!!

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The Tilting Skyscraper

The attraction tilts you outward 1,000 feet above Chicago!

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