Wednesday, January 18, 2017



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Tired Of Overhearing Annoying Office Phone Calls?

The Hushme, a device that fits around its user's mouth and connects to a mobile for phone calls, claims to be able to mute a caller's speech to anyone in their vicinity.

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Something To Get You In The Mood For Sandstorm Marmoum

Harry & Pricey were talking about this epic NYE countdown in Finland this year!

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The #FollowMeTo Couple Are In Dubai

Have you heard of the #followmeto couple? She leads him around the world and posts the photos on Instagram.

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How To Read Someone’s Mind – A HOW TO GUIDE!

Here’s how to read someone’s mind based entirely on body language and facial cues.

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Harry & Pricey Chat With Tom Jones Before He Opens The Dubai Jazz Festival!

Listen to Harry & Pricey's chat with the legendary Tom Jones here!

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Why Does Donald Trump Always Play The Accordion?

It's interesting eh?

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Michelle Obama Surprises People

Michelle Obama surprises people recording goodbye messages to her. A real tear-jerker.

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Beautiful Dubai At Night

A stunning video of our Dubai at night.

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Things Got AWKWARD When Harry & Pricey Chatted With Mike Posner 😂🙈

OMG this is worth listening the whole way through...

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Hate Folding Laundry? There’s A Robot For That!

Forget folding your own laundry. This giant box does it using image analysis and a robotic arm.

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