Monday, April 24, 2017



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Kid Has Life Hack For Dubai Summer

This guy is a genius and could save you from burning your feet this summer!

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Listen To Justin Bieber Sing In Spanish!

We hope he sings this on May 6!

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Why Is Prince William FaceTiming Lady Gaga?!


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This Britain’s Got Talent Audition Will Blow Your Mind!

We can't figure out how they did this!!!!

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Ed Sheeran… The Indian Version!

Love this. Especially the kazoos.

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These Two Ventriloquists Will Mess With Your Head

It's making us very confused.

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The Trailer For ‘I Am Heath Ledger’ Has Been Released

This is going to tug at the heart strings.

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Beyonce Shares Sweet Home Video On Her 9th Wedding Anniversary!

This is the sweetest video!

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Prison Break Is Back!!!

We can't wait!

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Meet The Grammar Vigilante!

He's the self proclaimed Banksy of grammar!

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