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The World Cup of terrible cuts

So Harry and Pricey haven’t been paying too much attention to the FIFA World Cup, but when they have done, they can’t help but notice the terrible haircuts that are on show! With all the money these guys are paid for running and kicking (and diving around) you’d think they would be able to afford […]     Read More

Your birth month reveals what type of mum you are!

Dubai 92 specialist scientists (with no qualifications whatsoever), Harry and Pricey, have calculated that depending on the month you were born, shows what type of mother you are. From January to December they’ve worked out all 12 out. So, mums let us know if we’re right, and not-mums find yours below!   January: Hot-mess mum You […]     Read More

Dubai now has the Middle East’s largest living wall!

The Middle East’s largest living wall has been unveiled by Dubai Properties overlooking the Dubai Creek at Dubai Wharf. In a bid to be more environmentally friendly in the UAE, the living wall is 6 meters high and features over 80,000 plants, which over the space of 1 year is capable of offsetting 4.4 tonnes […]     Read More

Everything We Know About the Top Gun Sequel Starring Tom Cruise

Mark your calendars, Top Gun fans!  According to Variety, Paramount Studios has given the sequel a tentative release date for July 12, 2019. And for those keeping track, that’s 33 years after the original! Tron: Legacy filmmaker Joseph Kosinski is also planning to direct the film. Today we got our first look at the OFFICIAL artwork (take a minute to let it all […]     Read More
Birthday Blog

Top Birthday Freebies, Deals and Offers in Dubai

We love birthdays and we love free stuff…. It turns out, the two go together like cake and candles. There are a bunch of restaurants, bars and attractions around Dubai that want to treat you on your birthday, with great discounts and deals… and even freebies! So here  it is the definitive list of all the […]     Read More

There’s a brand new giant apartment complex coming to JLT

There is a brand new giant development taking over JLT’s Cluster Z – named SE7EN CITY JLT, the new development is planned to have more than 2,500 apartments as well as a selection of restaurants and shops, as well as a rooftop garden! The complex is set to be complete by 2020, just in time […]     Read More

5 Ramadan Tips

Ramadan has arrived, and no matter if it is your first Ramadan in the UAE or your fifteenth, it’s always good to be reminded of some Ramadan tips.   1: Don’t overindulge when you break your fast. Start with a light soup or fruit before moving on to heavier foods. Overindulging will lead to indigestion and […]     Read More

Survey reveals 96.8% of people feel safe in UAE

The UAE is well on its way to becoming one of the safest countries in the world after it was revealed that 96.8% of people felt safe in the UAE, in a new survey. The UAE placed 2nd in the 2017 Global Law and Order Report, the ranking was based on people feeling safe and […]     Read More
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