Five things you didn’t know about Jono…

1. I started in radio at the age of 13, broadcasting from my bedroom, which became so warm with equipment in the summer that I had to move into the spare bedroom. We don’t have AC in Ireland FYI.

2. I once got bitten by my pet dog, Rambo, when the water in the bath was too hot for him. I subsequently contracted lock jaw and lied about it to my folks, the doctor, everyone. I came clean after my 21st birthday and still have the scar (but not the dog, RIP Rambo).

3. I was in the regional finals of Mr Ireland – where I had to strip, I wore a cardboard radio to cover my modesty. I lost (clearly) so as a forfeit I had to dress as a chicken and stand on a road near the station I worked for holding a sign which read, ‘why did I cross the road’, for an entire afternoon in October.

4. I’ve lived in 6 countries – mainly doing seasonal work and DJing, never learning the culture, and only knowing how to order milk and coco pops in each language (the diet of my early 20’s).

5. I hate words that create images I’m uncomfortable with…like flakey, moist and oozing. Yet I did a TV infomercial for a cream which used all three of those words. It was everywhere for a year and everyone hated it!


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