Breakfast Just Got Better

Fun and real…that’s Dubai 92’s Harry and Pricey! A show of positive stories, personal observations and tips, thoughts and advice on getting the most out of your morning, your day and your life. Listening and joining in with Harry and Pricey is just like having breakfast with your best friends or family.

Showbiz loving Pricey compliments Harry’s wit, bringing the perfect balance to 92 Breakfast! They are best friends, hanging out with each other outside of work all day every day and know each other almost too well! Get to know Dubai 92’s Harry and Pricey!

Get to know Harry & Pricey…

Harry is our resident oddball; he loves to cook and entertain, showers excessively and travels in his spare time! His been part of the radio business for more than a decade and has a breakfast show with his bff Pricey! His Secret Skill is that he’s a Masterchef. His Fave Restaurant in Dubai? Sean Connelly. Fave Song of All Time? A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. His Celebrity Crush? Lindsay Lohan. Most hated celeb? Jamie Oliver aka “The Sugar Grinch” (according to Harry).





When she’s not reeling Harry in Pricey is serving us the latest celebrity gossip and scandals. Breakfast wouldn’t be the same without her! If she wasn’t in radio, she’s be a waitress in L.A. trying to make it into Hollywood. Her Celebrity Crush is Rihanna (and she’s even met her in person!). Her Favourite holiday destination has gotta be the bright lights of Times Square in NYC. Her Favourite Dubai restaurant is Ravi’s in Satwa because you can shout your friends to the best food for less than 100dhs! And the Best song of all time (according to Pricey) is MMM Bop by Hanson because it just brings back the best of times for her.




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