Monday, June 26, 2017


So Elton John has just unleashed his 32nd or 33rd album and it’s called Wonderful Crazy Night. On it he seems to be having a wonderful time indeed. It is filled with his usual dazzling piano riffs, it’s engaging in parts, has a nice 70s feel to it and his voice is on point as always.

However, as good as the songs are, there isn’t one that really grabs you or stands out.

Wonderful Crazy Night is Elton John’s third consecutive collaboration with producer T Bone Burnett and sees him reunite with his band, including original drummer Nigel Olsson, longtime guitarist Davey Johnstone, percussionist Ray Cooper and lyricist Bernie Taupin. 

The album has a southern roots, rock n roll feel to it, with bright organs, lovely piano harmonies and his soulful vocals.

Overall, Wonderful Crazy Night may not be the record that people talk about for decades to come and it won’t hold a spot on the list of all-time classics, and despite it lacking that one epic track, the album carries a certain appeal to it, that won’t disappoint Elton John fans, of which I’m one.