Catboy’s Instajury – Finding the UAE’s Favourite Singer

The hunt is on for who you, the UAE, think is the greatest singer of all time. Just drawing-up the shortlist was practically impossible, so good luck with the vote!

Here’s Catboy to explain what is happening…

In the first round we lost:

• Madonna
• Rihanna
• David Bowie
• Aretha Franklin
• Celine Dion
• Justin Bieber
• Stevie Wonder
• Bruno Mars
• Mick Jagger
• John Lennon
• Prince
• Lady Gaga
• Britney Spears
• Beyonce
• Elvis Presley
• Steven Tyler

In round 2, you chose Whitney Houston over Elton John.

Here are the current standings in The Dubai 92 Instajury Cup of Singers (click the pic to enlarge)…

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Today your voting on PINK vs TINA TURNER… The results will be on Catboy’s Sunday show after 10am.

Together we’ll find the UAE’s favourite singer of all time!

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