Dubai 92 Cares

We’re on a mission to eliminate single use plastic from the UAE. Join us in Challenging your friends to #GiveUpPlastic. You can opt for refillable water bottles and coffee mugs, switch to reusable tote bags and grocery carriers. You can even pass on the message in a fun and creative way. The goal is to say goodbye to plastic, say so long to waste and say see you never to pollution!


Take Part in Dubai 92 Cares

Kids can make a difference for the environment. It doesn’t matter how big you are or how old you are. Every person counts. Whether you’re 5 or 15, you can make a difference by recycling more plastics and other stuff. Nominate your school now. 

Click here to enter to win and AED 10,000 towards your green initiative.



How to #GiveUpPlastic


People who took the Dubai 92 Cares Challenge:

We are the first company with reusable bags, 100% recycled paper bags, jam jars in our cafes and biodegradable packing. We will continue to find ways to protect the environment and not to neglect the hidden cost of what we do.

N&R Butchery will continue to strive towards reducing its use of plastic in all our packaging (retail and wholesale) and spread the message to all our customers across the UAE to reduce, reuse and recycle


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