Dubai 92 Cares Junior

Kids can make a difference for the environment. It doesn’t matter how big you are or how old you are.
Every person counts. Whether you’re 5 or 15, you can make a difference by recycling more plastics and other stuff.

Tell your teachers about educational resources on plastics and recycling
There are many sources of information on plastics and plastics recycling on the Internet that your teachers would find useful. Hands on PlasticsTM offers fun science education activities that your teachers can use in your classroom.

Start a plastic bag recycling competition at your school
The Plastic Bag Challenge is a competition to see which school can collect the most recycled plastic bags to recycle

Get your parents involved in plastics (and other) recycling
If you’re recycling, your whole family should be recycling. The more people you get involved, the more good you (and they) can do for the environment.

But what we really want you to do is #giveupplastic Dubai 92 cares with Kibsons want you and your school involved.

We are giving 10,000 AED worth of equipment for the school who can recycle the most plastic during the month of January 2019 and 10,000 AED for the student with the most inventive way to recycle plastic here in the United Arab Emirates.


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