The World Cup of terrible cuts

So Harry and Pricey haven’t been paying too much attention to the FIFA World Cup, but when they have done, they can’t help but notice the terrible haircuts that are on show!
With all the money these guys are paid for running and kicking (and diving around) you’d think they would be able to afford someone to tell them their hair looks ridiculous, or maybe it’s a modern-day case of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”.
Here’s their favourite disastrous do’s from the FIFA World Cup 2018, and a selection from days gone by!
1.  Neymar Junior, Brazil:
This one got the ball rolling, if you’ve seen the Pot Noodle Meme, you’re still laughing at the Pot Noodle Meme.
2.  Domagoj Vida, Croatia:
3 haircuts in one: the receding hair island, the teenage girl’s netball top-pony and the Goth’s undercut.  That’s 2 too many.
3. Keisuke Honda Japan:  
From the home of Nintendo, Honda is clearly modelling himself on an evil end-of-level boss with this comb-over.
4. Anibal Godoy, Panama:
What is this? the sides: look good, the back: neat and tidy, the beard: sculpted to perfection, then what happened?  Did Godoy’s hairdresser have to nip out trim?
5.  Axel Witsel, Belgium:
Some people really rock an afro, and with a name like Axel Witsel you’d imagine he could, but this doesn’t look like it’s his hair!
6.  Jerome Boateng, Germany:
How can a 29year old footballer, on millions of money be so stressed, oh wait, what?  He’s died it that colour you say? Why? we say.
7.  William Troost-Ekong, Nigeria:  
Words escape us.
But it seems footballers will never learn, have a look at these classic cuts from World Cups gone by…
8.  Ronaldo, Brazil, 2002:
See entry number 4, did Anibal Godoy go to the same barber as Ronaldo?  How is that guy still working?!?!
9.  Alexi Lalas, USA, 1994:
Channelling a very Tolkien vibe, looking more Middle Earth than Midfield.
10. Bobby Charlton, England, 1966:  
Just in case you weren’t sure, he’s the one on the left. Thank goodness there weren’t any social media trolls for Bobby in the 1960s, but on this evidence, there weren’t any mirrors either.
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