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What happens when you take the potty-mouthed, bad boy of rock and put him in a room full of kids?

It’s always the quiet ones, right? Who knew that Catboy had popped over to Pyeongchang to compete for team GB in the Winter Olympics Snowboarding Slope Style?! And we’ve got the clip! Turn your sound up for this one…    

This guy went above and beyond to get a sandwich to his friend…

The DJ duo are performing at Zero Gravity on March 31st for One Big Friday!

Could it be true? Rapper Drake could be moving to the UAE!

Plans for a new Dubai building are almost unbelievable – but true!

A 200-member strong UAE military contingent will lead the ceremonial parade on Jan 26.

Watch Prince deliver what is possibly the most incredible guitar solo ever!

This dog and duck have grown up together and are the best of friends!

Watch James Corden text Leonardo DiCaprio from J-Lo’s phone in his latest Carpool Karaoke.

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