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Three plucky little Irish types took over #92Breakfast for St Patrick’s Day. Here’s what they sounded like.

We gave you a simple challenge… Take a word out of a song title and add SAUSAGE. You were absolutely brilliant. Here’s just some of the best…    Marc Celliers Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Sausage Vanessa Williams – Save the Sausage for Last K-Ci and JoJo – All My Sausage Peter Frampton – […]

We asked you for #DubaiSongs and guess what? You were really good at it!

Here’s just some of the suggestions we got for #FoodieBandNames via Dubai 92’s Facebook and our SMS today… CATBOY – Mash-ford and Simpson Brian Mayo Tofu Fighters Melon Kim The Peach Boys Semolina Gomez Katy Peri Peri Lisa Spamsfield Pizza Gabriel Crisp Martin Tina Turnip Bruno Mars Bar Taylor Swizzles Filo Collins Madoner kebab   […]

Catboy’s daughter saying happy birthday to his mum last year (1yr old) and this year (2yrs old).

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