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Hello! Aylissa here – this week I’ve been meeting animals, trying to get fit, and embarrassing myself at Dragonmart. ENJOY!

Hello – Aylissa here! I’ve been tasting my way around Dubai this week. I went to the infamous Ravi restaurant and had a go on Bateaux Dubai too…CHECK IT OUT!

Catboy & Jono took family and friends to Atlantis. And a good time was had by all, as they say!

This week, I had my first road trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. I went on the fastest roller coaster in the world at Ferrari World. CHECK IT OUT!

He seems to have an insect-friendly head.

Aylissa here. This week, I went flyboarding!! Check it out 🙂

Aylissa’s latest bit of gauntlet throwing centred around football. But could she beat Catboy?

Catboy said on air that he is good at every sport – Aylissa needed to see this in real life! So, Catboy, Aylissa and Jono took on a golf challenge at Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai. Check it out…

You’ve heard her doing your weather reports every morning and here’s her in action. She’s never wrong.

The #92Breakfast lot heard that TV show, Top Gear, was looking for a new presenter. Aylissa has given it a go by ‘test driving’ a Range Rover in the Dubai desert. Will she make the cut?

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