92 Favourites

What a way to get the kids to do chores…!

Aylissa and Gordon Ramsay talk food.

Watch Dubai 92 make Christmas dreams come true with the 12 Days of Christmas!

Catboy, Aylissa and Jono had just over a week to turn this around. Did they manage it? Look!

Watch the Dubai92 team take on the XLINE Dubai zipline over the Burj Khalifa Fountains!

Only one day to go until Desert Warrior Challenge! Aylissa went down to try a few of the obstacles….

The Desert Warrior Challenge is just round the corner. Aylissa from 92 Breakfast is taking on the challenge and the training isn’t going so well…

Hi everyone, I met Roger the Sea lion at Sealion Point at Atlantis, The Palm. I took my chance : 🙂

Hello! Aylissa here – this week I’ve been meeting animals, trying to get fit, and embarrassing myself at Dragonmart. ENJOY!

Hello – Aylissa here! I’ve been tasting my way around Dubai this week. I went to the infamous Ravi restaurant and had a go on Bateaux Dubai too…CHECK IT OUT!

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