Author: Simon Smedley

If Attenborough and science can’t persuade you, we’re finished!

A freaky stalker thriller, a retelling of a politcially historical tragedy and a little girl with a bear.

Love it when popstars don’t take themselves to seriously!

That must take a fair bit of shampooing!

Twitter user, @KwonHanchi has come up with a rather freaky conclusion to one of the world’s most popuarl children’s characters…

An exclusive for CB on “Do You Wanna Be Loved Like This?”

It’s like a high-paced thriller!

This is, quite simply, the best video you’ll watch this week.

Be honest… Have you ever heard that word and thought “well, that’s definitely going to happen”?

Most people like to think they’re living a clean and healthy enough lifestyle but according to research, only 47% of us clean regularly and 84% say they only make an effort if they have guests arriving. An amazing 64% of people said that cleaning the house was the worst of all chores. So, the team […]

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