5 Ramadan Tips

Ramadan has arrived, and no matter if it is your first Ramadan in the UAE or your fifteenth, it’s always good to be reminded of some Ramadan tips.  

1: Don’t overindulge when you break your fast. Start with a light soup or fruit before moving on to heavier foods. Overindulging will lead to indigestion and weight gain.

2: Avoid unnecessary travel in the lead up to Iftar times, to avoid long travel times due to congested roads.

3: If you are driving close to Iftar times, make sure you bring a bottle of water and a piece of fruit with you. This will ensure that you are still able to break fast if traffic is not on your side.

4: Carpool to Iftar, the fewer cars on the road, the quicker you will get to your destination.

5: During Iftar, hydrate yourself as much as possible. Dehydration is a huge risk while fasting in this heat, so during Iftar replenish yourself as much as possible.

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