17 small commitments to make for Earth Day.

1. Leave the car at home. Try a walking, a car-share, carpool or public transport.

2. Go green at home. Start with installing energy efficient lightbulbs.


3. Don’t leave the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth.

4. Fix things rather than buying new.

5. Go paperless.

6. Switch to eBooks.

7. Unplug everything at night.

8. Recycle old electronics.

9. Add plants to your home.

10. Make your gardens wildlife friendly.

11. Switch to reusable bags.

12. Cook more and order less takeouts.

13. Repurpose jars and containers. Especially those plastic takeaway tubs.

14. Shop second hand.

15. Try to buy eco-friendly brands and products.

16. Get involved in a clean-up effort.

And if you need reminding why we need to do this, watch…

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